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Reports Hours researching, writing, and preparing can be undone in an instant if you present your report with sub-par printing. Whether you need it copied or printed, in one color or full-color, we can handle it! Let us add a professional shine to your work with a professionally printed report.

  • Mailing a report that contains sensitive information? Use our tinted security envelopes over standard commercial envelopes for peace of mind.
  • Put your best foot forward with full-color printing on glossy paper throughout your report.
  • Want a professional lay-flat report? Consider spiral or wire-o bindings for a report that's easy to page through.

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    View Saddle-Stitching

    Saddle-Stitching (staples)Saddle-stitching involves inserting staples through the spine of a multi-page document before it is folded. Most booklets and smaller magazines use this binding method.

    View Comb Binding

    Comb BindingComb binding involves drilling 19 square holes along the left edge of each sheet of paper. Round plastic bindings are then inserted into these holes. The process can be used for booklets, manuals, catalogs, or reports up to 400 pages long. Additional pages can be added or removed easily, and the finished piece lies flat when opened.

    View Tape Binding

    Tape BindingTape binding uses heavy-duty tape to hold the pages of a booklet, report, or other multi-page document together. Known for its strength and durability, it is a frequent choice of librarians and graduate school professors. Tape binding works best with documents up to 300 pages long.

    View Spiral Binding

    Spiral BindingSpiral binding involves inserting metal or plastic wire through holes drilled along the left-hand side of each page. The technique allows the finished document to lie flat and double-over on itself (something comb binding does not allow). Technical manuals and notebooks are commonly spiral-bound.

    View Wire-O Binding

    Wire-O BindingWire-O binding is similar to spiral binding but uses double-looped wires. This provides additional durability and support. As with spiral binding, Wire-O-bound materials can lie flat and double-over.

    View Velo Binding

    Velo BindingVelo binding involves drilling holes and inserting a strip with plastic tines through the left edge of a booklet or multi-page report. A second strip, with matching holes, is placed under the document, allowing the tines to pass through. A machine presses the spine together, so the excess length can be cut from the ends of the tines. Heat is then applied to melt the plastic and seal it tightly together. Velo binding is commonly used for legal documents.

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